How quickly time has flown! As 2015 draws to a close, the holiday season is upon us once again. To help with your shopping woes and with the festive times just around the corner, I’ve compiled a list of 15 perfect Christmas gift ideas for each and every important person in your life! I’ve already done the window shopping for you. Without having to brave the shopping mall crowds and never-ending Christmas music, all you’ll need to do is sit back, relax, scroll, and click check-out.



Tularosa Amelia Romper, from Revolve Clothing, $224.72



Tacit Eau de Parfum, from Aesop (unisex), $135.00



Lader | Black watch, from Larsson and Jennings (unisex), $253.00



Sac De Jour small leather tote, from Saint Laurent
, $2,820.00



The Slate Skin in Indian Summer, from Roxxlyn, $145.00



Animal from Aesop (fur cleanser), $53.00



Vaara Eau de Parfum, from Penhaligon’s, $269.00


Speculoos Cookie Butter, from Poppy & Co., $13.00



Black Marble iPhone Case, from Dear Maison, $39.00 



Pebble-Grain Leather Holdall, from Michael Kors, $1,016.00



USB Desk Fan, from Muji, $39.00



Kinfolk Issue Eighteen, from Kinfolk, $26.00



The Kinfolk Home, from Kinfolk, $31.80


departureboard02_0d7beff8-384e-4478-8e20-40cdf216cd61_grande-2Luggage Tag, from Naiise, $9.90


#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso, from Book Depository (paperback), $24.57

1. These gift ideas are non-gender specific, and can be for anyone, regardless of gender.
2. These pictures do not belong to me. If you wish for me to remove one of these images which may belong to yourself or your company, please drop me an email and I will rectify it.
3. I strongly encourage and advocate donating (whatever you can afford) to charities, to the homeless and to those in need, especially during the Christmas season.]

Everything you need to know about the kawaii Hawaii-inspired restaurant that’s making a splash in Singapore.

Just last month, brand new Hawaiian-inspired Aloha Poké opened its doors along Amoy Street in Singapore’s bustling business district.

The casual dining restaurant is Singapore’s first foray into a Hawaiian culinary experience, specializing in Poké bowls, a delicious Hawaiian marinated sashimi salad dish (pronounced poh-key like in Pokémon). These cute bowls make not just a mean food photo, they also make a really delicious meal, upping the standards for clean eating in Singapore.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be restricted to eating a pile of salad leaves!

And with salmon and tuna sashimi this fresh, you really wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

The new eatery is conveniently located near the famous Amoy Food Centre and the popular Ann Siang Hill area. Sitting along the peaceful stretch that is Amoy Street, the restaurant finds its fans not just with the office crowd, but with the gym enthusiasts, hipsters, and expats who drop by for either takeaway or for a quick dine-in. Plenty of customers do takeaway, which is great for those in a rush, or tourists in the vicinity looking for a quick bite to nibble on as they explore the surrounding Tanjong Pagar area. Filled with skyscrapers, temples, and well-preserved lines of shop houses, there’s plenty to see around here.

With lovely sunshine filtering into this laidback, atmospheric dining space, and friendly, welcoming service staff full of smiles, it’s impossible to dislike the place. Not to mention, they’re incredibly generous with the food portions.

Upon entering you are greeted by a huge, cheerful, colourful bowl of fresh pineapples which lines the counter as people pencil in their lunch orders. In the background, purple orchids, tiki décor and a surfboard lend a sense of calm, instantly transporting you to a temporary daydream retreat on the beachfront of Waikiki.

But back to the food! Aloha Poké is a great place for weekday lunch with the colleagues at work, post-work drinks, or to catch up with friends over Saturday brunch after a yoga session.

For my lunch, I ordered a Lil’ Swell – the smallest offering, at $11.90 for one 75g serving of Poké (protein choice: marinated salmon or tuna sashimi in either original, spicy, or wasabi mayo. Vegetarian/vegan options available too!), one superfood (avocado, chia seeds, or pomegranate) and two free add-on toppings (carrot, cucumber, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, edamame, the seasonal offering, almonds, flying fish roe, walnut, dried grape, pumpkin seeds, or golden raisins). For an additional superfood, just top up a dollar, and fifty cents will get you an additional fresh or crunch add-on.

Each Poké bowl comes with a big slice of tangy, citrusy lime, sweet onion, a special sesame oil and shoyu vinaigrette salad, and sprinkled with sesame and spring onions, and deliciously sweet, golden pineapple pieces.

For carbs, there’s white rice, brown rice, or a mix of both brown and white. Otherwise, you can ask choose to have salad instead. This time, I went with a mix of brown and white rice, which I personally prefer over the plainer white rice option. While I had picked the smallest size, the Poké bowl definitely filled me up. A satisfyingly simple, guilt-free, yummy, and clean meal.

Other sizes available include: the Big Kahuna ($19.90 for 225g, three scoops of Poké) and the Standard Nalu ($15.90 for 150g, two servings of Poké).

For the adventurous beer lovers, Aloha Poké also serves Hawaiian craft beers! For the healthy folks, tasty Coco Loco raw Thai coconut water is also sold at Aloha Poké.

Grab your lunch at Aloha Poké this week, and let me know what you think!

Aloha Poké
92 Amoy Street
Singapore 069911
Mondays to Fridays: 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 5.30 pm – 11pm
Saturdays: 11.30 am – 2.30 pm


1. NARS Oil-Free Pro-Primer Pore Refiner

First, you are going to want to start priming your face for a polished look with the NARS Oil-Free Pro-Primer Pore Refiner. Often, people liken make-up artistry to painting. Your face is a canvas to build upon, and like a painter, you’re going to want to prep and prime, to get the smoothest surface to work with. I love that this primer has a very natural, herbal kind of scent to it, reminiscent of skincare products.

What this lightweight, gel-like primer does is soften and moisturize your skin. On top of that, it is formulated to reduce the visibility of pores, and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Sometimes, in high-resolution images, or under bad lighting, our skin’s imperfections can be magnified, and this primer helps to fix that problem by smoothening the skin for a flawless appearance. This is definitely one of the more important steps for a perfect no makeup makeup look.

Be sure to apply primer evenly on every part of your face!


2. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (shown in Light 4)

Step two is foundation. With a descriptive name like that, I think you’re going to wonder, does it really do all it says as advertised on the tin? After using this on the first few occasions, I realized that my skin had taken on a nice luminosity. Your skin will look a lot more natural, than a matte foundation or powder which can make our face look flat and a little less natural! This foundation illuminates the skin, and highlights the best features. Who doesn’t like naturally glowing, happy looking skin? You won’t even need to reach for an expensive highlighter anymore because this foundation does the job.

This foundation is also made to last all day (up to 16 hours)! Which is great for me, because I’m not a fan of touching up my makeup in the middle of the day.

My most favourite part about this foundation is that it’s so lightweight that it doesn’t feel like there’s cakey makeup on my face. The texture is velveteen smooth, making it quick and easy to blend.

It’s perfect for those who would normally shy away from liquid foundation for fear that foundation is too heavy and thick. Not this one, it doesn’t even feel like you have make up on, yet it really helps achieve that perfect no makeup makeup look.

Coverage is medium and goes a long way, so pump just a little foundation. Blending is so easy. I find that simply using fingers to apply this foundation is effective. But if you prefer using a beauty blender or stiff brush, this foundation is liquid-like and doesn’t need the warmth of your hands to make it easier to blend!

3. NARS Creamy Concealer (shown in Chantilly) and  4. NARS Finishing Powder (shown in Flesh)


The second to last step is Concealer! If you have amazing skin, then you can skip this step. For those with a few more imperfections like uneven pigmentation or redness (like me) or want to cover up pimples or scars, this is really useful for brightening up dull skin whilst at the same time really concealing spots with amazing coverage. The Creamy Concealer works wonders at reducing dark circles under the eyes. As I write this, my very own Creamy Concealer has finished and I need to pick up a new one from the NARS store. The Creamy Concealer is definitely one of my all-time favourites from NARS and I’ve used it religiously ever since.

The final step is to apply a finishing powder to set your makeup! This makes sure your makeup doesn’t stray away. I love this because it’s almost non-visible, and silky soft and easy to work with. The powder is the finishing touch to your makeup, to really pull everything together into a masterpiece. It’s like a spritz of fixative on a beautiful oil painting.

And you’re done!

What you should have at the end is a really natural, glowing, flawless, and polished look you can wear everyday, aka the no makeup makeup look. This look feels both weightless, and looks effortlessly natural and fresh. Its longevity means your makeup will survive the long hours and humidity and help you power through the day like a #girlboss.

Get your flawless look on, and go forth and do amazing things!


[Disclaimer: Products sponsored by NARS Cosmetics. All reviews and opinions in this piece are my own after using these products for several months, and for the Creamy Concealer, a few years.]


By Rachel

If you are as big a fan of the Australian beauty brand, Aesop, as me, their latest fragrance is bound to hit all the right notes with you. While Tacit is the second addition to the much loved brand, it is certainly second to none, following in the footsteps of Aesop’s first fragrance, Marrakech Intense.

Crafted in collaboration with perfumer Celine Barel*, this perfume is a work of art.

Tacit by Aesop

Tacit by Aesop

Wonderfully androgynous in its scent, Tacit incorporates the clean, powerfully uplifting freshness of the classic cologne, while carving out a fine balance with its likeness to the contemporary, quiet elegance of a feminine perfume. Perfectly wearable for any momentous occasion, the modern scent is also great for day-to-day wear.

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean coast’s rich culture, topography and perfumed vegetation, this perhaps best explains why Tacit is a refreshing green scent, and completely out of the ordinary. Like the rest of Aesop’s range, Tacit is an embodiment of all that is botanical, calming, natural, and earthy. There isn’t a tinge of artificiality, which is what I love about Aesop.

Crisp and citrusy, the aromatic fragrance also takes inspiration from the palatable and cleansing aroma of the yuzu fruit, a far cry from the ubiquitous scent of lemons.

True to its name, Tacit’s elusiveness is elicited upon the realisation that while Tacit is a citrus-based scent, it leans a little towards the warmth and spice, with its subtle notes of clove.

The smell evokes fond memories of warm summer nights, making Tacit the best scent to last you through the fall and winter. And if the transition between long summer nights and cool breezy beginnings of autumn had a signature scent to mark the curiousness in the changing weather, that scent would be Tacit.

Tacit Eau de Parfum (50ml, S$135.00)  can be purchased online at or at Aesop stores.

Tacit by Aesop
Celine Barel is the nose behind Jo Malone’s Vanilla & Anise.

Shuang Scrubs are body scrubs proudly made in Singapore, and as a Singaporean, I’m a strong advocate of supporting our local businesses. And in case you were wondering what “shuang” means, the Mandarin word means cool. You can use it to describe the weather, or simply a very exciting new body scrub you just tried out.

Read on to find out more about Shuang Scrubs, and at the end of this post, I have included a very special discount code just for you! 

Shuang Scrubs

Shuang Scrubs are free from parabens and chemicals and artificial fragrances. And best of all, they are made from completely natural and organic ingredients! There are three different types of Shuang Scrubs you can choose from, and each targets different skin concerns. So now that we know what exactly Shuang Scrubs is all about, how can I add a little Shuang Scrub into my daily shower routine?

As I mentioned earlier, there are three types of Shuang Scrubs which address unique skin issues. So let me tell you more about what each scrub does!

Shuang Scrubs


The very first original Shuang Scrub. While its name is adorably colloquial, did you know, roasted coffee grains are soo good for exfoliating our skin? This scrub encourages skin regeneration and the fading away of resistant stretch marks, and the aromatic coffee scrub will be sure to wake any sleepy head up in the morning.

Containing extra virgin coconut oil, this scrub hydrates, nourishes, and moisturises our skin, while reducing scarring and redness. Brown sugar acts to lock in our skin’s moisture, which is important in encouraging skin elasticity, which will help prevent new tiger stripes from appearing. Kopi-O takes care of the problem-prone skin and gently removes dry skin.


For radiant, healthy skin, look to Rosie, a scrub rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Like its namesake, the scrub is packed with plenty of rose hip oil and rose hip seed powder. Traditionally, these ingredients are used to treat scarring and healing unhappy skin, by repairing scars, reducing stretch marks and encouraging skin regeneration.


The Japanese word refers to “morning light”. Beyond being an exfoliant, Asahi moisturises and brightens the skin with orange peel to reduce dullness and the appearance of stretch marks. To achieve glowing, fairer, youthful-looking skin and reduce the onset of premature wrinkles and aging, Asahi might be your best bet! Rice powder is another powerful ingredient in this Asahi scrub, and has been used for ages by Asian cultures for its naturally lightening and skin treatment properties. It is good for acne prone skin, too. Like Rosie and Kopi-O, Asahi contains brown sugar, virgin coconut oil and sea salt to scrub away dryness and encourage proper hydration.

How do I use a Shuang Scrub?

It’s very simple! Make sure your skin is sufficiently damp in the shower, pour a little Shuang Scrub into your hands and add a little water, and then scrub! Leave it on your skin for a few minutes, and then wash off. Remember to be gentle, especially around the eye area which is sensitive. After showering, you can use a moisturiser because your skin is at its softest and at its prime to absorb and lock-in moisture.

Shuang Scrubs is a brilliant body scrub that can be purchased by anyone around the world, and offers free shipping to many countries! To say hello to healthy skin, drop by to pick up your very own body scrub!

As a big thank you for reading my first post on my newly launched website, don’t forget to use my special promo code “RachelRawr15” to get 15% OFF any Shuang Scrub. Yay!

Shuang Scrubs

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