Bespoke Box SG

As far as I’m aware, Bespoke Box SG is the first of its kind of boxes in Singapore, and so I immediately knew I had to give Bespoke Box SG a try!

Bespoke Box SG

Bespoke Box SG came to fruition with a fabulous idea by three women who understood the pains of girlhood and womanhood. In a world that often frowns upon any mention of periods and pads, this is a welcome and awesome revolution in itself, made by women for women.

In their very cute and spirited yet true words, “To make this period (pun intended) more bearable for our fellow comrades, we curated an anti-PMS kit in hopes of bringing some comfort and fun!”

Bespoke Box SG

What is Bespoke Box SG?

Bespoke Box SG is a monthly subscription service for ladies who have to go through that especially horrible time of month.

Bespoke Box comes in three different subscription plans – 3 months, 6 months, and a 1 year plan.

Needless to say, for most of us, when Aunt Flo comes to visit, we have to endure her for several days. At times, the pain is just so unbearable that you can’t leave your bed.

Personally, the very worst of periods would have my legs feeling like heavy logs of wood, and it feels like I have a rubberband around my waist and I simply feel so drained and lethargic that I literally cannot stand.

So that’s where Bespoke Box SG comes in. On a monthly basis, to put a smile back on your face and to make this awful few days of the month a little more bearable, Bespoke Box SG will send a special box of goodies right to your doorstep once a month!

Not only that, they will send it a week before your period comes! How thoughtful is that?

And for those of us who might not be able to commit long-term, why not get the single month boxes to try out first? There are so many options for you to choose from on their website (, and they make a great gift idea for girlfriends.

And even better, Bespoke Box SG offers free local shipping! Hurray!

Now to the fun part – Unboxing!

In each and every Bespoke Box SG package are 5 amazing handpicked products curated by the ladies of Bespoke Box SG.

Bespoke Box SG

These range from essential beauty products to feminine hygiene products, delicious snacks, and little artisanal gifts. There will always be something for everyone.

All items in the monthly subscription box comes in either travel size or full size, so you needn’t worry about receiving sample size items. Plus, Bespoke Box SG will always choose the best quality out there, and so rest assured you will get your money’s worth!

My Bespoke Box SG was valued at $37 and retailed at $22. Isn’t it a nice feeling knowing that you’re getting what you pay for? And if you need more reasons to try Bespoke Box SG, you’ll know that you’ll be supporting small local businesses in Singapore by purchasing a box.

Bespoke Box SG

In my kit, I received a cute handmade voodoo doll, a pack of Poise pantyliners, a Sierra Bee’s honey lip balm, PMS tea, a Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Hand Therapy travel size hand cream, a box of Chocolate Pocky, and a Pretz snack!  

Bespoke Box SG

I thought that the chocolate Pocky was really smart to include in the Bespoke Box SG because when you’re experiencing PMS and on your period, nothing tastes as good or is as comforting as chocolate. After all, chocolate doesn’t ask questions!

Bespoke Box SG

The Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream was lovely and balmy, and had a heavenly and relaxing fragrance. I loved it. Plus the act of moisturizing your hands and elbows is so calming. Om!

Bespoke Box SG

The organic PMS herbal tea was a great and thoughtful idea – several amazing tea bags to calm down the senses, put you in a good mood and to alleviate PMS symptoms! Oh, and it’s caffeine-free if you’re allergic to caffeine like me.

Bespoke Box SG

The Sierra Bee’s honey lip balm was simply amazing and really moisturized my otherwise cracked and poorly lips! The honey flavour was really there, unlike others I’ve tried – I could tell there was real honey in the lipbalm. Plus it’s friendly for small bags so it’s convenient when you’re travelling or simply leaving the house.

Sadly, I haven’t yet had the chance to open the Pretz, but I’m sure I will enjoy this savoury snack when I’m having cravings in the middle of the night.

Bespoke Box SG

And I loved that the Poise pantyliners were part of my Bespoke Box. Never underestimate the usefulness of Poise when Aunty Flo might turn up at any moment!! (Oh, the horror.)

I thought the voodoo doll was quite hilarious!!A friend even asked me to give the voodoo doll to them! Hahaha hmm sadly I haven’t figured out any spells… or have had anyone made me so mad that I want to stab a voodoo doll. (Yet.)

So, where and how do I sign up for Bespoke Box SG?!

To sign up, simply follow this easy step-by-step guide below!

Bespoke Box SG

Oh, and did you know – Bespoke Box SG will even calculate your cycle for you? How fantastic is that.

So if you get the year-long subscription, you can just look out for the postman with a Bespoke Box SG in hand and you will know Aunty Rose will be visiting soon and mentally prepare for your period.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit to shop their monthly subscriptions! (:

Lime Crime True Love Set
Not too long ago, right around Valentine’s Day last February, I purchased Lime Crime’s ‘True Love Set’ from their online store,

Quite ironically, RIGHT after my first purchase from Lime Crime, I stumbled across this article titled ‘Why Lime Crime is the Most Hated Beauty Company on the Internet’ that talks about the scandals, accusations, threats to take legal action, health warnings, Hitler costumes, and the controversy surrounding the company, etc, etc.

After which, I went back on the Lime Crime site to find that they had an actual page on the website dedicated to busting Internet myths and proving facts about the company.

Well, after digesting all of that Internet chatter (which you can Google search and read all about if you’re curious!), all I could do was shrug my shoulders.

I had already parted with my money and could only wait and see what the quality of the products would be like!

At first I was a bit hesitant. While international shipping was available to my country (Singapore) unlike some other makeup brands like Colour Pop Cosmetics, I was made aware that once my order had left The States, tracking would not be available anymore. Which is a little scary if you think about it.

So if you’re from overseas and tracking is unavailable for your country, at least you’ll know that tracking is available up until the point the parcel leaves America and you can check on its status on the Lime Crime website.

My order did eventually safely arrive in my hands a few weeks later, and thank god. I was very excited. The packaging was gorgeous. The ordinary white box that my order came in was lined with a pretty floral wallpaper-like interior, and my brand new products were nestled in soft pink paper.

Dubiousness aside, I’m here to give my rant/rave and thoughts on Lime Crime’s products (and not so much on the ethics of their company and or founder, Doe Deere).

Lime Crime True Love Set
The Lime Crime True Love Set features 3 matte liquid lipsticks – Cupid, True Love, and Saint. As of the date of this post, the Lime Crime True Love Set is available and retails at USD 44.00. On the website, the True Love Set is described as …

“Truly loving yourself. This Limited Edition Trio is inspired by the luscious shades of rose petals. Comes in a giftable pink box.
Cupid – soft petal pink
True Love – vibrant pinky red
Saint – deep cranberry red”.

Here, I’ve swatched the three colours. This is what it looks like swatched on my Chinese skin tone (I have both pink and yellow undertones).

1. Day time, indoors (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
2. Day time, outdoors under direct sunlight (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
3. Day time, outdoors under indirect sunlight (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
4. Night time, indoor lighting. I’m wearing Cupid here (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
5. Day time, outdoor lighting. I’m wearing True Love here (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set

Lime Crime True Love Set
Photo Credit: Lime Crime

Cupid is a warm, peachy nude, with some brown undertones. I would describe it as something Kylie Jenner would wear. It was not as light ballet pink as advertised but it was my personal favourite – and the reason why I bought the True Love Set in the first place. After trying these matte lipsticks from Lime Crime, I do feel that the colour pigments are more on the darker side than on the lighter side, which is good, as it means that pretty much anyone of any complexion can wear their lippies without their mouth looking washed out.

True Love got me lots of compliments. It’s a bright pinkish red with blue undertones. Of the three, it was more or less the same level of dryness as Cupid. I wore it to work and got complimented on it but still I found it a little too blue and pink for my liking and it wasn’t my favourite, although I can imagine that other girls and women would like this colour a lot. (I didn’t really intend on getting True Love, I was definitely more interested in Saint and Cupid when I ordered the Trio of matte lipsticks.)

Ah, Saint. It is advertised as a deep cranberry. When I wear it, it was a lot more of a dark and deep brown-red than true to colour. I didn’t like it and removed it immediately when I tried it on, so I didn’t take any pictures of myself wearing Saint. I found the formulation to feel different from the other two as well. It was the most drying of the lot. I have found that other beauty bloggers have agreed with me on this. When purchasing lipsticks online, it’s always good to look at swatches online which are done by people of a similar skin colour to you so you roughly know how it looks like in real life, rather than solely relying on images done by the makeup company itself and feeling a bit cheated or disappointed!

This was my first time buying Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I would say Lime Crime is much better quality than MAC for liquid lipsticks, MAC being the only other brand I have tried out. I felt that the MAC liquid lipsticks were way too sticky and pale in colour and totally did not look good on my Asian complexion. It would probably look good on fair, Caucasian skin.

I have orders for Gerard Cosmetics as well as Colour Pop Cosmetics coming in hopefully next week or the week after, so I’ll definitely be able to really compare the different brands when they’ve arrived.

With matte liquid lipsticks, it’s super important to exfoliate your lips so you don’t have any dead or dry skin on your lip flaking off and sticking out under the matte liquid lipstick upon application. Matte liquid lipsticks can feel very drying the first time you try it. You literally cannot feel the moisture on your lips. And as advice, before applying the liquid lipstick, ALWAYS apply some lip balm. Matte lipstick and dry, cracked lips is a painful and horrific combination. I don’t live in the UK anymore, so I can’t imagine how it would be like to wear matte lipstick in the UK, it would probably be a no from me. I also noticed that some makeup remover and makeup remover wipes don’t do a good job with taking off Lime Crime’s matte liquid lipstick – I ended up with tons of tissue and cotton wool getting stuck to my mouth. Apply a layer of lip balm and gently remove, or use a strong makeup remover when you are attempting to remove your matte liquid lipstick.

On a final note, I do have another Lime Crime lipstick that came with this order, and that is Riot. I’ve been wearing it for the past few days and been carrying it in my bag. If you’re going for that whole bee stung lips look but have thin lips, I would strongly recommend a nude or light pink matte lipstick. It really works wonders at volumising your lips and really enhances your overall makeup look! Lastly, I really like the beautiful finishing and packaging for the matte liquid lipsticks and am thinking of maybe getting a few more cute matte lippies from Lime Crime in the future – but I’ll definitely refer to swatches online before purchasing.

I have always found terrariums to be a really interesting and novel concept. Just imagine that, a miniature, tagelf-sufficient ecosystem living inside a jar!

Making terrariums is the perfect DIY project to try, and you don’t need a green thumb to succeed at it. In this post today, I’ll be telling you how to build a terrarium, as well as providing you information on terrarium classes you can attend in Singapore! So let’s get started, shall we?

Terrariums require little attention to flourish and they make the perfect decorative piece for one’s home and office. All your terrarium needs is at least 6 hours of sunshine a day, and a weekly spray of water.

Making your own terrarium allows you to express your own individuality! Be as creative and zany as you want, or just keep it modest and zen.

Not only does a terrarium make an adorable gift, it’s also a very unconventional and meaningful present you can make for someone!

marche aux fleur

Personalise your terrarium to reflect your own personality and sense of style, or design your terrarium for a special occasion to give to a friend or family member.

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, enclosed or open-aired, small or large, single plant or thriving jungle. It’s ultimately really up to you to decide what your terrarium will look like!

Personally I think terrariums are perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance, yet long-lasting plant to take care of and grow.

marche aux fleur

I recently attended a terrarium class at Marche Aux Fleur, a florist located on Upper Thomson Road. After attending, I learnt how to build a terrarium with a friend whom I invited along. We spent the weekend building our own terrariums. So if you are interested in learning how to build a terrarium, do sign up with a friend for a fun class at Marche Aux Fleur’s website,!

The terrarium class provided an insightful experience into the world of terrariums. It also gave me a brand new skill to take home – how to build a terrarium. I loved how everything was inclusive of the class and was provided to us – glass jars, special cactus soil, pebbles, mini plants, and so much more!

marche aux fleur

I found the terrarium class very useful because it meant that all the tools and ingredients to making a terrarium were provided by Marche Aux Fleur! So I’ll definitely recommend attending their terrarium class so that you’re guaranteed to have all the necessary things to make a terrarium. Plus, you don’t need to go hunting all over Singapore for cactus soil!

So why not start filling up your calendar for 2016 and take part in a terrarium class this year? 🙂

marche aux fleur

To make a terrarium, you will need:

  • a Glass jar
  • a variety of Pebbles in different sizes/colours
  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Sweetheart Hoya Plant
  • Cactus Soil
  • Small shovel (for transporting soil and pebbles)
  • Newspaper or rough paper (to avoid making a mess everywhere!)
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Small Decorative Figurines
  • Spray Bottle with Water
  • Tweezers
  • A narrow tool (for digging)

Last but not least, plenty of sunshine!

marche aux fleur

First, visualise what kind of terrarium you’ll be building! We’ll be using plants like succulent and cacti which require minimal watering, so this how-to guide is for open-aired terrariums! NOTE: If you wanna learn how to make a closed terrarium, I suggest signing up for the terrarium class ( Picture how the different layers of soil, pebbles, moss, are going to look. And make sure that your jar has enough space to accommodate all your plants! You don’t want your terrarium to be overcrowded.

marche aux fleur

Fill the bottom of the jar with pebbles. Don’t put too thick a layer of pebbles because remember, you need room for soil, moss, and your plants and any decorations. Bring your jar to eye-level, rotate the jar and check that your first layer of pebbles is nice and levelled! This is to ensure the terrarium looks aesthetically pleasing and that it has proper drainage – important for plants that don’t need too much water to thrive (i.e. your cacti and succulents).

marche aux fleur
Grab some spaghnum moss! Make sure it’s not too wet and clumpy, squeeze the moss dry and arrange it neatly and evenly over your first layer of pebbles.

marche aux fleurmarche aux fleur

Next, you can add more pebbles in to create another layer to your terrarium. Here we’ve used some delicate and small white pebbles to bring some brightness to our terrarium. Alternate the pebbles with an array of colours and sizes to add vibrancy and so your terrarium won’t look too repetitive!

marche aux fleur

Add more sphagnum moss to create another layer and add dimension to your terrarium.
Like the previous steps, ensure the moss is dry and flat.

marche aux fleur

This step is very important – add soil! Make sure there’s sufficient soil and be generous! You need plenty of soil so your plants have space and depth to grow their roots. Like before, make sure the layer of cactus soil is nice and even 🙂

marche aux fleur
Your terrarium should start to look almost complete! Remove your new succulents and cacti from their pots and re-home them into your new terrarium. Gently remove any soil clumping around the plant, and be careful not to break any roots or crush any fragile succulent leaves.If you’re working with a succulent, it’s good to remove any dead or dying leaves still attached or coming off the plant – this is to ensure the dying leaves don’t end up absorbing all the moisture from the succulent. Use a pair of tweezers to remove the dead leaves quickly and effectively. You may need to do this once in a while when you see dead or dying leaves. Also remember to handle your cactus carefully, you don’t want to prick yourself accidentally.

marche aux fleur
Using a narrow tool, dig a narrow space in the soil for your plants. you don’t want to uproot your plants and move them about too many times or they might not grow! Make sure the hole in the soil is deep enough to accommodate your plants’ roots, and for your plant to sit happily without falling over.It’s important that your succulents and cacti feel firmly planted and snug.

marche aux fleur
Pat and even out the cactus soil and add more soil if necessary! Spray some water evenly on the soil and ensure you don’t get water on the plants. You’ll need to water your succulents/cacti once a week, and the terrarium will need about 6 hours or more of sunlight, so keep your terrarium alive by putting it in a place that receives sunshine.

marche aux fleur

Now you can decorate the space! Fill it up with figurines, decorations, whatever you like! Make it personal and don’t be afraid of getting creative.

marche aux fleurmarche aux fleurmarche aux fleur

Marche Aux Fleur
215P Upper Thomson Road,
Singapore 574349
Opening Hours: 11am – 8 pm daily
Tel: 6481 0828

marche aux fleur

[Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the terrarium class by Marche Aux Fleur. I was not asked to write this post. All personal opinions are mine.]

ginza kuroson

ginza kuroson
A hidden gem over at Ngee Ann City, Japanese restaurant Ginza Kuroson brings fresh sashimi and more closer to diners with twice-a-week deliveries flown straight from Japan. Newly opened at Ngee Ann City in 2015, the inconspicuous and sophisticated Ginza Kuroson is a great place for sashimi lovers who want to indulge in good food without having to partake in the national hobby of queuing for popular Japanese restaurants in town.

ginza kuroson

Perfectionists can be easily satisfied that Ginza Kuroson is extremely dedicated to the finer details. The elegant napkins are presented like a neatly folded kimono. If you opt for a counter seat, you’ll be able to see the chefs preparing your meal with skill and dedication. And needless to say, the food presentation at Ginza Kuroson is superb. I’ve never seen sliced sashimi presented in such a beautiful manner before – the delicate, small and fresh Japanese flowers; the massive, regal block of wasabi, the fish and prawn sitting gracefully upon the architectural iceberg. I just cannot emphasise how the food is too pretty to eat. You’ll definitely want a shot of this gastronomical craftsmanship to make the memory last before it all goes to the belly.

ginza kurosonginza kurosonginza kuroson

If you’re craving a good Chirashi-don, note that it’s available at lunchtime, which runs from 11:30am to 2pm. And for those of you who can’t get enough of melt-in-your-mouth beef, I highly recommend Ginza Kuroson’s wagyu beef tenderloin. Albeit pricey and small in serving, the tasty tenderloin is worth every penny for its quality, and you won’t find a better option within the radius of Orchard Road (as far as I am aware). It literally was the best plate of grilled beef I have ever had in my life. The beef is served with three outstanding and perfectly matched dipping sauces – a brown sauce for meats, a citrusy yuzu sauce, and a serving of rough sea salt. As for those who prefer beef with a little more fat to it, do go for the Wagyu sirloin (pictured below),  or opt for the smoky Kobe beef instead.

ginza kurosonginza kuroson

Finally, the charcoal-grilled flying fish (pictured above) was a hilarious and interestingly bizarre sight to behold on our plate… They’ve arranged it such that the long fins glide outwards like a miniature airplane. At first sight, we were like, … wait, did we order this dish?! Crisp all around, even the fine, crispy “wings” of the fish are entirely edible. I’ve really never seen, or eaten anything quite like this strange, crunchy catch.

For fresh sashimi and well-cooked, top quality charcoal grilled beef from Japan, Ginza Kuroson at Ngee Ann City is your best bet.

391 Orchard Rd,
Ngee Ann City,
#03-10 Singapore 238873
Tel: +65 6235 3785
Opening Hours: 11.30am–2pm, 6pm–10pm

ginza kurosonginza kuroson

Recently, I visited brand new Vivo City nail salon, Palette Nail for a classic manipedi session.

They just opened their second outlet at Harbourfront earlier this month. The classic manicure and pedicure normally retails at Palette Nail for S$65.00, but they’re currently having a grand opening promotion! The classic mani pedi is now just S$55.00. Totally worth getting!

For my nails, I decided on a nude, ballerina pink kind of colour from OPI (I forgot to check the name with the manicurist, oops!) while for my toes, I got them in my favourite vibrant, red nail colour – OPI’s glamorous Big Apple Red.

I also decided on getting 30 sparkling crystals for my fingernails (S$1.00 for the smaller Swarovski-esque crystals, the other types of crystals have different prices, so do check first with the manicurist!) and my holy grail top coat, Seche Vite Quick Dry topcoat (retails at S$3.00 for hands and S$3.00 for feet) for longer lasting and more durable nail polish, and to give your nails a more expensive and glossier appearance.


This local nail salon just opened on the 1st of November 2015 at Vivo City. Its first store is located at the Star Vista in Buona Vista. Located on Level 2 of Vivo City, Palette Nail is pretty easy to find if you follow the directions on any of the shopping mall’s touch screen street directories dotted all over the vast shopping centre.

The store faces well known Asian beauty store, Sasa, and is on the same side as Build-A-Bear! It is also in close proximity to the drop-off point at Vivo City, so if you’re taking a cab, just turn left when you enter the building and you’ll see Palette Nail!

Palette Nail

The Experience

The Vivo City nail salon is extremely new, clean, and tidy.

With spotlights, grey and slate coloured walls and wallpaper, and black and white furniture, Palette Nail has a very unique colour scheme from the atypical pink, overly feminine and floral interiors of most nail salons. I would imagine that male customers would not be deterred from getting their nails done here! Which is a good thing – what’s wrong with men getting their nails, feet, and cuticles taken care of once in a while, right? Men can get monthly MANicures too!

When I was choosing my design, I found that there were so many Christmas studs and stones to choose from, and even a cute 3D snowflake crystal was available! Beautiful seashells are available as well in gold and silver, in many different sizes – which I imagine would go really well with a mermaid-themed gel manicure – glittery, shimmery, gradient, in shades of sea green, purplish jewel tones, or bright blue.

With my manicure, I felt that the nail technician did an overall pretty good job cutting and buffing my nails!

I was however, really blown away and satisfied with my Classic pedicure at Palette Nail. The nail technician did a wonderful job with my toenails – she was dedicated, undistracted, meticulous, and put in tons of effort! After my awesome pedicure session at Palette Nail, my feet felt extremely clean, and soft. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the fantastic leg massage, and the mint scrub which left my legs feeling incredibly smooth and smelling fresh!


While there was a good range of reds and nudes, there were few glittery and pastel options to choose from.  I would have also liked for there to be some nail magazines for me to browse through to help me decide what nail art or design to get!

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

On the whole, I really enjoyed my lovely session at Palette Nail and felt super pampered by the lovely nail technicians! As you can see, my nails look pretty fab! 28 out of 30 of the crystals on my nails have also survived after 2 weeks! My nails are also still looking great and shiny and haven’t even chipped! Anyway, who doesn’t love having someone attending to their hands and feet?! I would definitely come back again, and recommend Palette Nail for their dedicated manicure pedicure service! So please do make an appointment with them at their brand new Vivo City branch and treat yourself to a much needed classic manipedi!

Palette Nail

[Disclaimer: My classic manicure and classic pedicure were courtesy of Palette Nail. I paid for the gemstones and Quick Dry topcoat for my manipedi. All opinions are my own, and personal experiences may differ for others!]

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