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Handmade in small batches, Suga Lush is dedicated to making these beautiful smelling, all natural shower products that revitalises the senses after a long day.

It’s pretty obvious but I think living in a city has resulted in being constantly exposed to grubby air, constantly having to be on the ball and on top of things, and always having some pressing message or email or urgent phone call to reply! So for me, shower time is my time away from my responsibilities, from the hectic chaos, aka life, and a quiet time I have all to myself to really do absolutely nothing and enjoy it.


As someone who really treasures showers, I love how these lovely Suga Lush soaps bring me a sense of calm in the shower. It’s just so nice to relax and unwind for a while!

Vetiver & Grapefruit Body Soap


This colourful Suga Lush soap really surprised me, despite the bright orangey hues, and the fact it contains moisturising honey, this soap is anything but artificial or fruity smelling.

What you have here is a really earthy, vetiver soap. This cool, vibrant soap is perfect if you like woody, spicy, or musky scents!

The rich, creamy lather in this bar will have you feeling brand new and clean. The fragrance is pretty gender-neutral and I can’t help but admire the pretty whirls in this unique Suga Lush soap!



Lavender Fields Body Soap (left one in the picture above) 

Doesn’t this pretty violet soap look like an amethyst?


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If you’re a fan of lavender, you’re in for a treat. You’ll definitely like this distinctively lavender soap.

This special soap brings back fond memories of exploring the lavender fields in Cotswold, UK. This soap really smells like lavender-filled air. I’ld recommend this to anyone who has great, impeccable taste and enjoys the finer things in life!


Containing a blend of coconut oil and cocoa butter, this no-nonsense soap is non-drying and will leave your skin soft and moisturised. The perfect soap for the busy folk who see showers as an opportunity to unwind.

Mint Green Tea Body Soap (fourth in the photo below) 

I like this solid soap for its natural and pepperminty fresh scent. The shea butter in this soap will keep your skin nice, dewy and soft. If you’re a fan of citrus, fresh scents, I’ld say this is the soap for you. The cool, crisp flavour is perfect, and pairs well with morning showers!

This jade-coloured mint soap from Suga Lush will have you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning and ready for a brand new day!

Happy Hippie Salt Bar (third one in the picture above) 

Unlike the other Suga Lushsoap bars above, this one is a body scrub in a bar!

Packed with plenty of essential oils and sea salt, this is the best exfoliant to keep in the shower.


The sea salt in the Happy Hippie Salt Bar means that the soap suds are more creamy than your regular soap, and this salt bar won’t be abrasive on your skin!

Add this Suga Lush salt bar to your bath routine and you’ll be guaranteed to have nice silky smooth skin again in no time. No more dry skin! 🙂


Suga Lush also makes a wide variety of cosmetics and skincare products, just check out their website, www.sugalush.com!

They use organic, fresh ingredients and their products are all handmade, so you know it’s made of only the good stuff. Besides artisan soaps, Suga Lush also have facial products, lip moisturisers, candles, body moisturisers, luxury bath bombs and more!

All these skincare and beauty products are made from only the best, natural ingredients.

So why not give their products a try, and let me know which ones you like best? 🙂

Shuang Scrubs are body scrubs proudly made in Singapore, and as a Singaporean, I’m a strong advocate of supporting our local businesses. And in case you were wondering what “shuang” means, the Mandarin word means cool. You can use it to describe the weather, or simply a very exciting new body scrub you just tried out.

Read on to find out more about Shuang Scrubs, and at the end of this post, I have included a very special discount code just for you! 

Shuang Scrubs

Shuang Scrubs are free from parabens and chemicals and artificial fragrances. And best of all, they are made from completely natural and organic ingredients! There are three different types of Shuang Scrubs you can choose from, and each targets different skin concerns. So now that we know what exactly Shuang Scrubs is all about, how can I add a little Shuang Scrub into my daily shower routine?

As I mentioned earlier, there are three types of Shuang Scrubs which address unique skin issues. So let me tell you more about what each scrub does!

Shuang Scrubs


The very first original Shuang Scrub. While its name is adorably colloquial, did you know, roasted coffee grains are soo good for exfoliating our skin? This scrub encourages skin regeneration and the fading away of resistant stretch marks, and the aromatic coffee scrub will be sure to wake any sleepy head up in the morning.

Containing extra virgin coconut oil, this scrub hydrates, nourishes, and moisturises our skin, while reducing scarring and redness. Brown sugar acts to lock in our skin’s moisture, which is important in encouraging skin elasticity, which will help prevent new tiger stripes from appearing. Kopi-O takes care of the problem-prone skin and gently removes dry skin.


For radiant, healthy skin, look to Rosie, a scrub rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Like its namesake, the scrub is packed with plenty of rose hip oil and rose hip seed powder. Traditionally, these ingredients are used to treat scarring and healing unhappy skin, by repairing scars, reducing stretch marks and encouraging skin regeneration.


The Japanese word refers to “morning light”. Beyond being an exfoliant, Asahi moisturises and brightens the skin with orange peel to reduce dullness and the appearance of stretch marks. To achieve glowing, fairer, youthful-looking skin and reduce the onset of premature wrinkles and aging, Asahi might be your best bet! Rice powder is another powerful ingredient in this Asahi scrub, and has been used for ages by Asian cultures for its naturally lightening and skin treatment properties. It is good for acne prone skin, too. Like Rosie and Kopi-O, Asahi contains brown sugar, virgin coconut oil and sea salt to scrub away dryness and encourage proper hydration.

How do I use a Shuang Scrub?

It’s very simple! Make sure your skin is sufficiently damp in the shower, pour a little Shuang Scrub into your hands and add a little water, and then scrub! Leave it on your skin for a few minutes, and then wash off. Remember to be gentle, especially around the eye area which is sensitive. After showering, you can use a moisturiser because your skin is at its softest and at its prime to absorb and lock-in moisture.

Shuang Scrubs is a brilliant body scrub that can be purchased by anyone around the world, and offers free shipping to many countries! To say hello to healthy skin, drop by www.shuangscrubs.com to pick up your very own body scrub!

As a big thank you for reading my first post on my newly launched website, don’t forget to use my special promo code “RachelRawr15” to get 15% OFF any Shuang Scrub. Yay!

Shuang Scrubs

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